Project history

The beginning

In 2016 MyHumanKit organization organizes with the partnership of Airbus Industries a hackacaton called Fabriakarium

During the Fabrikarium many tests were made to emboss **Braille** on 160g paper with hacked 3D printers,

The project was called BrailleRap.

In the BrailleRAP-SP team we thought that this work was a demonstration of feasibility, but that it was better to develop a specialized machine that was easy to reproduce.


In 2017 Carlos Campos starts the OpenBraille project and builds a braille embosser from recycled printer parts.

The project demonstrates that it is possible to move a sheet of paper with enough precision in a braille embosser.


In January 2018, we started with some linear rails, Nema motors and printed parts to try to make a braille embosser. A few tries later, we started to show examples of Braille embossed texts, and everyone was very excited. The BrailleRAP-SP project was born.